Starr Goode

The Goddess in Art

The Goddess In Art is a cable TV series that began in 1986 and ran until 1991. Dedicated to the Return of the Goddess, the series explores the legacy of this oldest tradition in art and the resurgence of feminist spirituality in contemporary art. Starr Goode interviews scholars to uncover Her suppressed history and artists who are inspired by a radical re-imagining of the feminine. These valuable and historic interviews are now available Each interview is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Marija Gimbutas, Part I

Marija Gimbutas, Part II

Riane Eisler


Vicki Noble, Part I

Vicki Noble, Part II


Elinor Gadon

Miriam Dexter

Hallie Iglehart Austen

Mayumi Oda

Barbara T. Smith

Maureen Murdock

Savina Teubal

Janine Canan

Jean Edelstein

Ruth Ann Anderson

Cheri Gaulke

Charles Sherman

Susan Gitlin Emmer

Christopher Castle

Joan Sutherland, Goddess in the Natural World

Joan Sutherland, The Triple Goddess

Marija Gimbutas, Voice of the Goddess