Starr Goode

Susan Weed interviews Starr Goode.

Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Starr Goode discussing dark goddesses, the powers of the earth, and Sheela na gigs!


A Good Foundation for Reality: Interview with Starr Goode by Joanna Harcourt-Smith

In this week’s episode Starr Goodespeaks with Joanna about: Sheela na gig, a mysterious female figure of sacred display; the healing and protection of Sheela na gig, from Medieval times to Paleolithic cave art; the primordial, revered symbol of the ever-renewing Life Force; the life-restoring, evil stopping powers of the displayed vulva in myth and history; the political and social reclamation of the word “pussy”; the contemporary emergence of feminist sacred art; sacred images for another order of being; the Dark Goddess and the renewal of life; reclaiming the sanctity of women’s bodies from the patriarchal mindset; seeding the foundation for a life-affirming culture.


Sacred Vulvas and Female History: Interview with Starr Goode by Margaret Merisante
from Margaret Merisante - MythWoman

Wow! Holy Sacred Vulvas, Catwoman! It's not even women's history month yet, but as we know riches of women's history are surfacing all over the place in January. Continuing on with the theme of sacred vulvas, I'm happy to offer the content of a phone interview with author Starr Goode that I had earlier in the week. She's a blast to talk with and as you can see below, has a wealth of great information for women and girls.


The Mysterious and Sacred Sheela Na Gig Interview with Starr Goode by Karen Tate, the Sacred Feminine Radio

Just what does the display of the vulva as a universal image or archetype mean around the world? Tonight Starr Goode shares with us the mystery and magic of the Sheela Na Gig over time and across cultures. Goode, a professor at Santa Monica College in Southern CA, author of the new book, Sheela na gig: Dark Goddess of Sacred Power will delve into this mysterious feminine symbol both revered and reviled. We'll learn her functions and meanings as we trace her origins through art and myth of European history and Goddess herstory. We'll learn why we still need the symbol of the Sheela na gig and what she has to do with cultural, political and social systems.


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