Starr Goode

With her signature combination of precision and playfulness, Starr Goode traces the archetype of the wise fool through history, literature, and pop culture. Along the way, she rallies the "foolish" forces of joyfulness, wit, insight, and honesty, ultimately delivering a thought-provoking, original essay guaranteed to dazzle and delight.

Julie Mars, the author of the novels Rust and Anybody Any Minute and the memoir A Month of Sundays.

Reading Starr Goode's delight in Falstaff is like meeting him again and knowing him for the first time. Both Falstaff and Dino embody the Fool—the magical spirit of play.

Lollie Ragana, author of "The Veiled Goddess" and "A Thimbleful of Sky" and professor at California State University, Los Angeles.

Falstaff, the Fool and dino